his site is dedicated to all the intact men in the United States and other countries where circumcision is prevalent. The word intact means ‘not circumcised’, and ‘left whole & natural’.  There is a lot of stigma about the male foreskin in the USA particularly to the lack of education and the fact that it was unnecessarily started and practiced throughout the decades.  We are here to set the record straight, and because the rate of neonatal circumcision is declining in the US, this is a great place to learn the truth and all the great functions of the male foreskin.

You have something special that most men in the United States don’t have.  Please do not feel ashamed, be proud of what you have! Thank your parents for not allowing a doctor to take away an important healthy functional part of your penis.  We hope you enjoy this site. We don’t care if you’re straight, bi or gay; if you are an uncut male, this site is for you! The foreskin is a natural part of your body, don’t feel ashamed for stopping by. It’s your right to get the proper education about your foreskin. This site is full of great information that thousands of uncut men and I wish had been available to us while growing up. We hope you find this information useful. There’s not much knowledge about the foreskin or foreskin care in the United States because of what happened in the late 1800s through the mid 1990s, which you will learn on this site. Doctors, people and textbooks, in the United States, are lacking this knowledge. Due in large part of the work from thousands of intactivists, more and more American newborn boys today are escaping the unnecessary mutilation of the penis shortly after birth. Parents are being educated about the functions of the foreskin and the importance of leaving their son(s) whole. More and more boys are remaining whole than ever before, and as time progresses, the intact male will be in the majority in America Please remember that YOU are the normal one. There is nothing to be ashamed of for being intact, or in slang terms, ‘uncut’ or ‘uncircumcised’.  The correct term, however, is: intact or NOT circumcised.

What is foreskin?  The male foreskin is a healthy part of the penis.  Every male is born with a foreskin.  The foreskin is natural, it is NOT a birth defect.  It is a double-fold layer of tissue covering the head of the penis, enriched in thousands of nerve endings. The foreskin not only protects the glans of the penis, it also functions as a gliding sheath when having sex or masturbation to prevent friction.  When flaccid, the foreskin normally covers the glans of the penis.  When erect, the foreskin normally slides back, exposing the head (glans) of the penis. Throughout this site, you will learn about penile hygiene, history of circumcision, in depth details of the foreskin, health, and we will debunk all the myths you may hear about foreskin and intact guys.  Most importantly, like we mentioned earlier, this is a place for you to come, to seek out answers to any questions you may have.  Just remember one thing; YOU are the NORMAL one!

Take your time, browse our site, share it with your friends, especially those that know nothing about the male foreskin and those who are uneducated and ignorant about this topic.  Be sure to visit the FORUM, add your own threads and/or reply to others! It’s free to sign up, just create your own username and profile!  Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to contribute a short paragraph of your own, sort of like a testimony, so we can include it on our testimonial page.


His Foreskin Team.